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AURELIUS Real Estate at a glance

AURELIUS Real Estate focuses on direct and indirect real estate investments in primarily residential, light industrial and office properties, as well as company-owned properties and properties in complex situations, in European locations.


AURELIUS’ focus on operational upside extends to its Real Estate offering, and so we seek out opportunities where the value, cost and income can be sustainably improved by active management. Reletting as well as densification and repositioning scenarios can be realised by this manage-to-core approach.


Sustainable quality enhancement and capital appreciation are achieved through active asset management and comprehensive property optimisation. The levers of the “manage-to-core approach” are to be found in the property itself as well as through improved tenant loyalty and the market environment of each location.


Our support always aims to improve the micro-location of assets and provide opportunities for urban development whenever possible. This creates a win-win situation for owners, renters or users, and society at large.


Our mission is to create a holistic ESG approach across the entire life cycle of the property. In doing so, the individual aspects of environmental, social and governance are considered individually, ensuring we can develop sustainable buildings that create positive impact at the tenant level.

Investment Profile

The flexible investment approach aims to back residential and commercial assets with a minimum of approx. EUR 3 million in European large, medium-sized and university cities as well as in major cities and metropolitan areas. We can also act as shareholders, hybrid capital partners or JV partners for existing or upcoming projects.

We consider each investment and each property to be its own ecosystem – in more than one way. In the current market environment, we see profound changes that will shape the future of our real estate markets. In these exciting times, we look forward to serving the rising demand for professional, active investment and asset management to reposition and revitalise investment products. Our superbly networked and integrated team can quickly devise and efficiently implement tailored solutions.

Hannes Eckstein, Partner at AURELIUS Real Estate Advisory


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